Our website design and development services include:

  • Custom website development.
  • Redesigning of your website.
  • Modern and professional-looking websites.
  • Websites that are easy to update and keep up today. We use WordPress the leading open source CMS (Content Management System) that allows our customers to easily keep their sites updated.
  • Every website we develop is a responsive website that works on any web browser: desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • We perform search engine optimization (SEO) on every website we develop. We make your website stand out from the competition, by making your website rank better among the top search engines. We optimize your website before it is officially launched.

We can develop different types of websites, including:

Educational websites: The purpose of this type of website is to enhance learning. They are developed with the commitment of teaching a specific topic really well. They are easy to navigate and operate, they are entertaining, and use multimedia (videos, animations, infographics, audio) and a diverse number of interactive activities to keep users engaged in the content.

Websites for Small Businesses: This is an informational website designed to present and describe a business to the public. Some of the most common features included in this type of website are: a home page, an about us section, a summary or history of the company, news, a list of services provided by the company, a list of clients, and/or a sample of past work in the form of a portfolio and a contact page.

Web-based/online applications: This type of application works within a web browser. They are in essence a website designed to work and operate as a native-looking application. They are also designed to be responsive, they automatically scale to the size of the browser window. They don’t require to be downloaded. It is possible to program these types of applications to allow the user to create a shortcut icon on the home screens of their mobile devices for easy access. It is usually cheaper to develop a web-based application than a native application because the tools used are the same used to develop websites. The app can also be developed so it is universal, you code once and it works on any device.

eCommerce-based website: This type of website allows for the selling and buying of goods and/or services over the internet. eCommerce can be a part or feature of a website or it can be the whole purpose of a website. It can be used to create an online store or it can be used as part of a Learning Management system to allow students to purchase access to specific courses.