Quality Assurance

Do you need another set of eyes to test your programs or websites? We test on different operating systems, platforms, and devices.

We help you identify errors before your program or website goes live, performing manual QA of your product by playing the role of the end-user. We test all the different features of your product and make sure they behave as designed and that the program meets the original functional specifications and requirements. We perform the manual QA on the target platforms specified by you. For example, if your program was designed to be delivered on mobile devices, we test on Android tablets and smartphones as well as iOS iPhones, iPads, and Windows-based tablets. If your software is a website, we not only QA the different features of your site but also look at the content and try to identify any errors. We also check the performance of your site under different connectivity conditions.

Prior to initiating the QA process, we discuss with you our testing strategy and devise a QA plan. We usually request that you give us a tour of your program and that you share the objectives of your project. At the end of the QA process, we provide you with a very detailed report listing all the bugs found and recommendations. We can also re-test your program after you incorporate the modifications to your program.