Spanish Translation of Documents for the USGS - Eastern Geographic Science Center

Translation of scientific documents, including a comparative evaluation of two methodologies for forest monitoring in Peru, a presentation about a software for forest monitoring and tutorials. The documents included Microsoft and PowerPoint files.

Owner Transitions Website

This is one of the latest websites we developed using WordPress. We did the graphic design and web development for the client. The graphic design also included creating matching business cards and letterheads.


Learn2Blossom Website

This website was developed for an early child development and care center using WordPress.



This website was designed and implemented for OHBLTDA, a client located in Bogota, Colombia. The website is available in Spanish. OHB Ltda. is a Colombian company with more than 19 years of experience in the representation, marketing and distribution of machinery and equipment of the latest technology, for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries; as well as the supply of spare parts, consumables, and after-sales services. The website was developed using WordPress and it also includes a promotional video that we designed for our client.


Building Scale Model Aircraft Website

A website about the hobby of building plastic model aircraft. This website was originally published in 1997 and it is one of the oldest websites about this hobby on the web. It has been redesigned several times during its existance to conform to web standards and design tendencies.


Alas de Gloria (Wings of Glory) Website

This website was designed to accompany the book with the same name. It was developed using Adobe Dreamweaver. We were in charge of the graphic design and implementation in the Spanish language.

Biography of Jorge Chavez Dartnell Website

This multilingual website was designed to accompany the book about the centenary of Jorge Chavez’s heroic feat of crossing the Alps with a fragile Bleriot XI airplane back in 1910. The website is available in four languages: English, Spanish, Italian, and French. This website was developed using Adobe Dreamweaver. The opening of the site and many components within it were developed using Adobe Flash. The website and book were based on a CD-ROM published back in 2002 about the same aviation pioneer. We were in charge of the graphic design and implementation. The website was also converted to a CD-ROM application that was distributed with the book. Additionally, we developed a DVD that included all the videos published on the website. Oscar and his father conducted a lot of research in the span of two years gathering additional information about the pioneer.

Black Cat Product Demonstration Kiosk Program

This program was designed for Black Cat Fireworks, a client of The Kiosk Group. The purpose of this kiosk was to provide customers visiting the Black Cat Fireworks store with a demonstration of the products. Customers will swipe a product barcode on the scanner. The Kiosk application will stop playing the grabber loop video and display the corresponding video for the product. After the product video ends, the Application will go back to play the grabber loop. The program was designed to playback high definition video in MP4 format and it was designed to automatically configure itself by reading a couple of external text files.

Visitosity Kiosk Program

This kiosk application was developed for The Kiosk Group. This database-driven, interactive map program was designed to be used as a visitor guide. The program was designed to be easily updatable by using external configuration files and resources. The Visitosity application was designed to be used in kiosk setups at major attractions. Tourists were welcomed by a cycling grabber loop. The kiosk featured a default interactive map, one that represented the area where the kiosk sits. However, the kiosk had other maps available representing surrounding areas and the associated destination data. Visitors were able to check out the local attractions, lodgings, restaurants, shops, services, and more. They were also able to print discount coupons with a printer installed in the kiosk.

Lassen Volcanic National Park Kiosk Program

This kiosk was a derivative of the Visitosity kiosk and it had accessibility features for the visually impaired. The kiosk program presented an alternative interface that facilitated the use of the kiosk program by providing audible prompts.

The Art of Building Plastic Model Airplanes - Video Tutorial

A three-part video tutorial that shows the process of building your first plastic model kit, from start to finish.

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La Hazaña de Jorge Chávez (The Feat of Jorge Chavez) - Multimedia Interactive CD-ROM

We developed this CD-ROM which included an interactive multimedia biography of the aviation pioneer Jorge Chavez Dartnell. In conjunction with our father, we did all the research in a period of two years. The CD-ROM was presented in 2002 in Lima, Peru in the main auditorium of the Peruvian Air Force War College with the attendance of hundreds of people, ambassadors, educators, students and the press. In 2003 we were decorated with the medal "Armando Revoredo Iglesias" to the merit at the Peruvian Air Force Air Attache Office in Washington D.C. for our contribution to the institution of the Air Force. This CD-ROM was developed using Adobe Director and Adobe Flash.

La Hazaña de Jorge Chávez - Illustrated biography

An illustrated animated comic book style biography of the aviation pioneer Jorge Chavez Dartnell. We narrated, animated and wrote the script for the story. The illustrations were produced by graphic designer Jose Luis Gonzales.

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Alas de Gloria (Wings of Glory) Video Presentation

Short Presentation of a video that was published on YouTube and incorporated on the web site “Alas de Gloria” (Wings of Glory) that accompanied a book with the same title. The video was produced using screen shots of custom edited 3D models flown in Microsoft Flight Simulator by a real pilot and then edited in Final Cut Express.

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Centenary of Jorge Chavez’s Heroic Feat - Video

We produced and narrated this documentary in Spanish with subtitles in English for the 100th anniversary of the first crossing of the Alps by plane. The video was published to accompany a book of the same name and it was presented at the Embassy of Peru in Washington DC and in Lima Peru during the presentation of the book. Portions of this documentary have also been used in TV programs. The documentary was also translated into Italian.

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Jorge Chavez Dartnell - Centenary of the Heroic Feat of the Crossing of the Alps (1910-2010) - Cover Design

Design of the cover of the book published by the Universidad Alas Peruanas in Lima, Peru in 2010.

Wings of Glory, Jose Abelardo Quiñones - Cover Design

Design of the cover of the book published by the Universidad Alas Peruanas in Lima, Peru in 2014.

Camp Lawton Exhibit Kiosk Program

This Kiosk application was developed for the Kiosk Group for the Camp Lawton Exhibit. The kiosk provides the visitor access to the database of soldiers that were imprisoned at Camp Lawton. The application can perform a search by name or access an alphabetical list and it provides to the visitor relevant information about the soldier. The program was developed using Adobe Director and programmed to read an external MDB file that could be easily updated by the client. The program was designed to display in a monitor configured in portrait mode. The program also included accessibility features for people using wheelchairs. It incorporated an on-screen keyboard and on-screen mousepad. All the images and graphics were provided by the Kiosk Group.